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Desde..."Vintage gay media history"


By the age of 19 in 1894, dashing Reynaldo Hahn seemed to have it all...handsome, self-confident, smart and talented. Only there was something that he knew about himself that didn't fit into his own ideal of the perfect man...he way gay. To be fair, he was still a teenager and living in a world where political powers were changing and being gay was quickly becoming a negative religious tool (the scandal and disgrace of Oscar Wilde was about to happen...for more related history, please read my October post Gay Men & Religious Persecution: "Satan's Harvest Home" ).

While Reynaldo had already written many songs about love, his worldly sophistication masked both a shyness and self-loathing about his own personal sexual feelings. He had close intimate friendships with women, and his mixed-messages suggested that maybe he was confused and they could "change" him. The famed courtesan Liane de Pougy wrote Hahn love letters although she probably knew he could never reciprocate her feelings. Often sadly typical of men who see their sexuality as a flaw instead of a gift, in an effort to prove his masculinity, the personal letters Hahn wrote to his lady friends at that time were frequently very critical of "homosexuals" and "homosexuality".

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