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I have slept more than 12 hours since yesterday. However, it apparently was not enough as I am still tired and grouchy. I have no answer for why I am feeling as out of sorts as I am, but I am sure Will wishes I did.

All he has to do is look at me and I get pissed off. Then he opens his mouth and away we go down the angry path again. Rather than dwell on why I am being such a bitch, let's move on to the music and the men.

Today's play list has two works by Italian composer Franco Alfano. The Sonata for Cello and Piano and the Concerto for Violin, Cello and Piano. The performances are by Samuel Magill on Cello, Scott Dunn on Piano and Elmira Darvarova on Violin.

Then we have the men. I collected over 1150 photographs this week. I spent several hours this morning going over the collection to gather the 44 selections for this week's review. Each photograph is arresting in its own way in either form, content, lighting, setting or some element that defies explanation that simply draws your eye to the image depicted. Have a fabulous weekend and we will check back in with you on Monday. Until next time as always, Enjoy!

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