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Hey guys, I came across with this wonderful reflection posted by RAULITO in his blog...I'd like to share it with you because his words are so wise. (and as soon as I get his translation I will add it here)


Live life to the fullest, enjoy every hour, every minute, if you’re rich enough or smart enough then schedule your happy moments to occur more often because happiness does not exist…only short spurts of pleasant moments…they are fleeting and for the most part rare.

Do your best to make some positive contribution to humanity, be it in the form of kindness to others, or by giving of yourself and insisting on having fairness and equality for everyone. I have always thought that the only thing that I owed mankind is to leave this world a little better than I found it.

I think of life more like an all you can eat Chinese buffet, you eat your fill of what you like and leave the rest, but you never put in your plate more than what you will eat even if you have to return time and time again to the buffet line. It seems that for me that all you can eat restaurant is not just is Greek, Cuban, Mexican, French, American and so many others. It is the variety and the quality of my life, the ability to eat a little morsel out of each one and enjoy it thoroughly.

What are my fears and my insecurities as I enter the autumn if not the winter of my existence? They are the same as yours, I fear pain, I don’t look forward to a debilitating, long illness filled with indignities and discomfort, I fear being cold, I fear being alone.

As to what happens after my physical being ceases to function I really don’t give a shit if there’s anything after this flesh. I really don’t give a fuck about that either because I know, deep down that nobody has the answer to that. No matter how much faith or how little the outcome is going to be the same: you stop breathing, your heart comes to a halt and then that ugly, hideous wrapping of flesh just rots away.

What are my expectations and what would make some difference as I embark on this last leg of my journey? I hope to have my partner of many years by my side and I want for us to be married - legally and given all the rights and privileges everyone else enjoys, I want to see the faces of my daughters, I would like to see my grandchild or two grow at least until they are old enough to remember abuelito…I would like to see my Savannah grow up and become a cultured, sweet and well adjusted young lady. Other than that, very little else matters.

And this I tell you without reservations: I had a full life, I’ve lived five lifetimes while most people only live one, I have some regrets but not many…actually, if you really think about it, I don’t regret a thing, in the words of Edith Piaf’s song: “Non, Je ne regrette rien”

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