martes, 2 de abril de 2013


Dame Shirley Bassey a living LEGEND at 76

"America has Darlene Love, England has the great DAME Shirley Bassey! And what a great camera job here, despite lack of a tripod. Quality is just excellent. Thanks for posting. This one is quite a gem!"


"Thank you! I was standing in the last row of 2nd floor - way in the back- had to zoom in all of the time and it was very hard to hold still."


"Amazing, Fantastic, Stunning, Awesome :-) Dame Shirley is magnificent :-) What she could teach today's singers, about pure talent, style, grace, skill. Thank you so much, for posting this video :-)"


Dame Shirley Bassey, Hamburg 2013,

"Never die Shirley. That night at the Oscar billion people saw one of the last artists of Hollywood immortals. This woman is art in its highest expression. This generation of artists is not at that level. Shirley belongs to an era that will disappear with it. Shirley never let us please."


"The only singer to get a standing ovation that night--she made Streisand, Adele, and Jennifer Hudson look tired!"



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