lunes, 8 de octubre de 2012

Desde "Mr. Peenee"


Before I start whining again, let me clear up an earlier misunderstanding. Last spring I wrote about the canyon I call home, including this shot of neighborhood eucalyptus, and dear NormaDesmond commented something along the lines of being surprised since he thought I lived in San Francisco. SIGH. As a matter of fact, I live not only in San Francisco, but in the very center of it, geographically. It just happens that my neighborhood is a huge canyon (the unimaginatively named Glen Canyon,) undeveloped except for the street I live on. I suspect this represents real estate development shenanigans, but it's ok with me because I get to live like Lisa Douglas from Green Acres: a big city gal surrounded by greenery.

Anyway, I interrupted my demanding schedule of vicodin induced napping to bustle down to a meeting this afternoon at the Glen Canyon Rec Center (a Rec Center! Complete with muscular young hooligans shooting hoops next door.) that had been called to protest over plans to cut down a bunch of the enormous eucalytus and other trees that fill the canyon.

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